Why I think the iPad Mini will be a failure

The New iPad Mini

The iPad Mini was announced yesterday, with much fanfare and a huge amount of superlatives (amazing, incredible, best, awsome..) πŸ™‚ . The product definitely looks good and promising. It has all the features which made the original ipad a roaring success. Plus, The size is just right to fit in one hand and its lighter by 53%. I have been using iPad 2 and I have found its weight to be a major drawback. People like to use it while lying down, holding the device in hand or show it to their kids, or give it to their kids to use. All these scenarios begged for a lighter, more handy device. The iPad mini is one.
Still, I think this will be one Apple device which will be a failure in a long time. Why ?? I list down my reasons below :
1. Cost : Its priced at US$329. That must have been the biggest dilemma for Apple. Pricing it lower would have meant the mini would have cannibalized sales of it elder iPad. But that also means its much more expensive than the Kindle Fire and the Google Nexus 7, both of which are priced in the US$ 200 – 250 range. Though its true that people like to pay a premium for apple products, I feel in this case Apple is asking for too much. Consider this : Would the iPhone be a success if it is sold at an un-subsidizer price (close to US$ 700 in US) ? No.

2. Strong competition : The original iPad was a success because there was no similar device in the market at that time. We already have devices from Google, Amazon, ASUS, in the same segment as iPad Mini. The first-to-market advantage is gone.

3. Lack of Features : Dont know if people noticed, but the iPad Mini does not have a retina display. At-least it does not say so on its sales page. That very clearly means the next iPad Mini will have a retina display and Apple will market that as anything. Its processor is also not on-par with the new iPad released along with the Mini. People would want to wait for the next iteration, which would be a big success (I hope)

I may be eating my words(or blog post πŸ™‚ ) in a few days, but right now, this is what I think.
I must also add that even though I do not have each and every Apple product ever released, I am a moderate level Apple fan and admire their technology and marketing strategy.
All the best Mr. Mini Me!


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