I need a dumb phone!

I have been looking for a compact feature phone at an affordable cost for some time in India now. Strangely, none of the phones in this category are good. The problem is not the lack of choices in the market. That’s aplenty. It’s the quality and features in this category which lacks severely.
Here is what I care for in the device I  am searching  :
– build quality
– call quality
– easy to type on
– slim
– long  battery life.
– Bluetooth (optional )

I do not care much about browser, camera or other fancy features because this will be my secondary phone.

None of the phones I have seen so far offer features like these. Most of the devices seem like a confused set of features and cannot establish an identity of their own. They try to add something of everything in the phone rather than best of just somethings.

Even my father once mentioned he needs a simple phone with just big font display.

I am sure there would be others in the market like me looking for a similar product.
Any suggestions?


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